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Brad touched every person he met. As a friend, he was kind and compassionate even as he was hard on himself. As a brother, he was a steady companion who laughed often and listened thoughtfully. As a son, he was devoted, loving, and a very picky eater. We miss him everyday and created this website as a way to collect and share stories about how his life affected others. To us, Brad's memory is a blessing, and we hope you will join us in celebrating his life.


This website is a repository of pictures, videos, and stories. Please contribute anything you have to share. We love hearing from people who cared about Brad. 


Below as well as to the right, you can find links to explore Brad's involvement in theater and his writing. There are also eulogies and memories shared in his honor as well as information on the Bradley Sonnenberg Creative Arts Scholarship.

"He could see in art not merely its beauty but he would study it to understand the artist and what that artist was thinking. He was intimate with Dali, Magritte, Henri Rousseau, David Hockney, Alexander Calder. He had no patience for Andy Warhol.


But then there was Mark Rothko.


He loved Rothko.


He knew how far away from a Rothko painting was the appropriate distance and whenever we were in front of a Rothko, he assumed that position, holding his hands as blinders, so the piece would occupy the entirety of his field of vision, for over ten minutes."





Announcing the Bradley Sonnenberg Creative Arts Scholarship Award at de Toledo High School. A $10,000 scholarship awarded each year to a Senior who exhibits a deep commitment to excellence in the arts, integrity in character, a dedication to community service and general enthusiasm for the pursuit of learning with the commitment to attend a 4 year college.

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